Exceptional Live-In Night Care

Live-in night care can be needed when someone’s health is particularly poor and they need support through the night.

It can also be needed if a partner or loved-one is disturbed during the night and therefore unable to offer support during the day due to exhaustion.

If you or a loved one regularly needs help in the night, Eximius can provide an experienced carer to take care of the night shift for you.

Normally people will use “waking nights” or “sleeping nights” to cover these situations. The joy of live-in night care is:

  • Continuity of care – same person every night
  • No chance of being let down at the last minute
  • Longer hand-over and flexibility in mornings and evenings
  • Often less expensive

As the name suggests, the carer will stay awake during the night and then sleeps during the day. All that is required is a quiet bedroom where they can relax while not working.

How can we help you?

We’ll talk to you and your loved one about their requirements to make sure we match you with a carer who has the right training, experience and temperament.

Our live-in night care can include:

  • Helping to turn a client during the night/repositioning
  • Monitor stats
  • Pad changes and toileting
  • Medication and pain management
  • Fluids via PEG
  • Assistance with Bipap and cpap machines
  • Reassurance and companionship

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