Supporting our clients with respite care

What is respite care?

Although for the majority a family carer’s main concern is to look after their loved one, at Eximius we understand how emotionally and physically demanding this can be. It is important that family carer’s take time out to look after themselves. This is crucial in preventing them becoming exhausted and run down. Respite care provides family carer’s the opportunity to do this.

Eximius can provide outstanding, professional carers for a short period of time. This allows a family carer to take a break and ensures that a client can continue being cared for in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

In many cases family carers can be hesitate about taking up this type of care as they believe it is a sign of weakness or acknowledgment that they cannot cope. However, Eximius do not see it like this. We see it as an opportunity for family carers to refuel, prevent the breakdown of a relationship and come back being the best carer possible.

Companions at Eximius go above and beyond to ensure a client is satisfied and supported whilst family carers take a break. This ensures that family members can relax, rest, and feel assured during their break knowing their love one is receiving the highest quality care.

Furthermore, respite care can provide a trial run/opportunity for families to try live-in care for the first time. It provides families with further understanding of how live-in care works, whether a client enjoys having a carer in their house and can help emphasis to families the benefits of live-in care for both the client and the family carer.

How our companions can help during respite care

Managing and administering medications

All companions at Eximius are fully trained and qualified in the administration of medication. We ensure that companions understand and aware of client’s medication usage before they go into placement. This helps ensure a smooth and accurate handover. Additionally, companions are required to document the administration of medication on a secure care electronic system. This helps companions monitor intake and let a clients family know that their loved one is being looked after. This can be extremely reassuring. Companions will also ensure that repeat prescriptions are made and will collect medication from the pharmacy. This takes all pressure of the client’s family and helps a family carer relax and rest of their break.

Personal care
Companions are Eximius can help assist clients with personal hygiene. We understand that this can be a sensitive matter and ensure that the client’s dignity is respected whilst helping with personal care. Additionally companions can help with assisted care such as supporting clients with appearance, dressing and grooming.

Help them stay socially active
Our companions can help keep clients stimulated by ensuring they keep in touch with friends, remain active and attend activities they enjoy and love. This is good for a client’s confidence, mental wellbeing and helps ensure they remain connected to the local community. Companions can also escort clients on daytrips to museums, concerts and on holiday. This helps ensure that our clients experience a quality life that they deserve.

Additionally, companion’s at Eximius can play a vital role in ensuring clients carry out exercise and rehabilitation. Activity is the best way to keep a client’s body healthy, improve mental health and to avoid complications. Research has demonstrated the benefits of activity in maintaining health and function as well as recovery. They may need to relearn basic skills, such as walking or talking. Companion’s can ensure that daily rehabilitation takes place whilst family carers take a break.

Help with domestic tasks
Companions at Eximius are required to keep a client’s house clean. All rooms are regularly cleaned and vacuumed ensuring that the upkeep of the house is kept to a high standard. This can be reassuring to a client’s family knowing that there relative is in a safe and tidy environment.

Help care for the client’s much-loved pet
Companions at Eximius will happily support looking after client’s pets by feeding them and taking them on regular walks.

Eating and drinking
At Eximius companions help with the client’s food shopping and cook healthy well-balanced meals. Meal’s choices can be prepared based on the client’s desires and preferences. This ensures that the client regularly eats/drinks and receives essential vitamins. This is important in remaining healthy and keeping their immune systems strong helpful in fighting illness. Each companion is provided with an Eximius recipe book when going into a placement. The recipe book is filled with tasty healthy meals helpful in ensuring clients receive a range of delicious meals.

Companions at Eximius can provide excellent emotional support and assistance during a family carers break. Our companions are carefully selected by our recruitment manager, ensuring that all companions employed by the company are of an outstanding care standard. Companions are perfectly matched to a client to ensure they share similar interests and hobbies. This enables a client to continue living an interesting and stimulating life.

Reasons to choose Eximius

As we are a small we able to move quickly and put carers in place for short-term cover. We can always adapt should plans change at short notice.

All our carers are cheery and friendly and will make sure your loved one is looked after while you’re away taking a break. You can then return fully rested knowing they’ve been well cared for.

Choosing the correct care is an important decision and our experienced team are here to help every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

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