After a hospital stay, whether planned or unexpected, most people long to return home. However, without the right care and support on hand this might not always be possible.

This is where Eximius comes in. We provide long or short-term care to make the journey to recovery that little bit easier. This type of care is traditionally a one-off arrangement aimed at supporting an individual following their release from hospital.

With a qualified, trained carer on hand, many patients can be discharged from hospital earlier enabling them to return home sooner.

Health benefits of being at home

Being back in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by their loved ones, can have a hugely positive effect on an individual’s wellbeing, health and quality of life.

Evidence has shown that, given the choice, 97% of people would want to stay in their own home to receive the care they need. Eximius provides outstanding long or short-term live-in carers to allow this to happen.

Once home, our companions play a vital role in ensuring clients carry out exercise and rehabilitation. Activity is the best way to keep a client’s body healthy, improve mental health and avoid complications. Research has demonstrated the benefits of activity in maintaining health and function, as well as recovery.

A person may need to relearn basic skills, such as walking or talking and our companions ensure this daily rehabilitation takes place during long or short-term live-in care.

They can also:

  • Manage and administer medications – our live-in carers are fully trained and qualified in the administration of medication
  • Assist with personal hygiene, supporting clients with appearance, dressing and grooming
  • Help people stay socially active and stimulated, keeping in touch with friends and enabling them to continue attending activities they enjoy and love
  • Clean the house to ensure a safe and tidy environment
  • Looking after a much-loved pet(s)
  • Food shopping and assisting with cooking healthy, well-balanced meals based on clients’ personal desires and preferences