You want to make the right decision. The safety and happiness of the people you love are too important to leave to chance.

At Eximius Live-In Care, we envision a future where every individual, regardless of their unique challenges or circumstances, experiences a life filled with dignity, independence and unwavering care or support in their own home. We are committed to making this vision a reality as dedicated home care providers.

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Our vision is to be a beacon of excellence in private live-in care services, setting new standards and empowering individuals to live life to the fullest.

We aspire to create a world where Live-In Care is not just a service but a source of inspiration and transformation. As home care providers, we redefine care by nurturing our clients’ physical, emotional and social well-being.

You want to make the right decision. The safety and happiness of the people you love are too important to leave to chance.

How we started

Eximius Live-In Care, a leading provider of private live-in care, was founded in 2016 by Kate, inspired by her mother’s journey as a spirited, fiercely independent 85-year-old.

Kate’s vision was to establish one of the top home care providers, offering bespoke services that empower elderly and vulnerable individuals to live their lives to the fullest. With Eximius, clients can continue pursuing their passions and enjoying the activities they love while being supported by a dedicated companion or carer who ensures their safety, happiness and well-being.

Kate has also recently added a complex care branch to the company. This was inspired by a couple of clients with spinal injury and brain injury who Eximius care for. Their amazing resilience and determination meant she wanted to help more people in similar situations. Through working with hospitals, case managers and medical professionals this is a growing area for Eximius, with its own dedicated team.

What is live-in care?

Our private live-in care services provide continuous, round-the-clock support without having to leave the home you love.

At Eximius Live-In Care, we believe that your home is the ideal place to receive the support you need. It allows you to maintain your independence in a comfortable and familiar setting. Having our qualified carer live with you ensures all your needs are met. Whether you require support for a week or on an ongoing basis, our carers are there to help you stay safe and comfortable.

This option offers a genuine alternative for those who don’t wish to move into a care home.

Private Home Care-| Live-In Care Support - Eximius Live-In Care

Live-In Care Support - Private Home Care-| Eximius Live-In Care

We make your life easier by taking away the stress

The companion will become much more than a carer, they will become an integral part of your loved one’s life.

As well as taking away the stress of caring for your loved one’s personal, medical and domestic needs, they also provide companionship. They make your life easier and bring peace and reassurance to your parent, relative or friend.

At Eximius, we believe that life is for celebrating, from enjoying treats at festive times and birthdays, to taking your loved ones on excursions and even accompanying them on holidays if required .

Private live-in care across the UK

We are a home care provider based in Beaconsfield, offering private live-in care and companionship across the UK. We are always available by phone and utilise technology to monitor all our clients, no matter where they are. Additionally, we have established connections with local companies to handle emergencies or provide daily care as needed.

Where we cover

Be prepared!

If you believe your loved one isn’t ready for live-in care just yet, contact us in advance so we can create a care plan that can be quickly implemented when the need arises.

Planning ahead is better than waiting until your loved one’s health and standard of living start to decline. By preparing a care plan early with our private live-in care, you can reduce the risk of falls or hospitalisations.

Private live-in care allows elderly and vulnerable individuals to live life to the fullest, safely and happily in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by their personal belongings and memories.

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