What makes OUTSTANDING live-in care?

14 May 2021 | Live-in Care, Why Eximius?

When you’re looking for help caring for loved ones, the amount of choice available can be overwhelming. With multiple care providers and many different types of care, understanding the differences between each one is a good first step to take.  

If you decide live-in care is right for your situation, you’re faced with more choices as there are numerous providers available. 

The Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of health and social care in England, is a source of valuable information to help you find out more about providers and read their inspection reports.  

Not only does the CQC ensure the health and social care services provided are safe, effective, and compassionate with high-quality care, but an important part of their remit is to encourage care services to improve where required.  

Here at Eximius, we are incredibly proud to be one of only 5% of care providers in the UK to be rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission. 

But what else differentiates the companies that provide outstanding care? 

There is no one better placed to highlight the quality of our care than our own clients and families. We are delighted to share with you here highlights of the service we are proud to provide, in their words. 

Eximius Live-In care workers are carefully matched to each client…

We understand that it’s essential for our clients and their carers or companions to have a good personality fit. It can be a big step to have a new person living in your home and caring for you, so we’re committed to finding the right match. 

In the first instance, we ask our clients about the sort of person they get on well with, noting interests, hobbies and personality, before our experienced care managers match them with the right member of the Eximius team.   

Our clients can read about our carers, see their picture, and speak with them before they make their final decision. And by having the same individual or team providing the care, rather than a different face every day, a trusting and reliable relationship, as well as companionship is firmly developed. 

What our clients say: 

“[Eximius] are very careful about matching the right carer or companion with the client in terms of temperament, experience and skills.” 

“The recruitment manager has a vigorous recruitment process, which allows them to match carers to clients’ requirements perfectly, allowing a smooth handover.”

Eximius Live-in Care workers really do become companions…

As well as taking away the stress of caring for our clients’ personal, medical and domestic needs, our carers and companions provide much more than this – they also provide companionship.  

 They can provide much-needed company every day including Christmas, Easter and birthdays. They also take their clients on excursions and even accompany them on holidays. Having a carer or companion makes life easier, bringing peace of mind and reassurance to both our clients and their families.  

What our clients say: 

“My Mother is very happy with her companion and has said on a number of occasions that she is very lucky to have her. She not only has the help and support she needs [including with medical issues] but also they go on outings and short walks, they play games and she helps her to access technology to have video contact with the family.” 

“My mother’s carer […] is professional, warm, kind and flexible. She is helping Mum to remain active with daily walks and to retain her independence. My mother’s anxiety levels have dropped because she is in safe hands.” 

Eximius understand both the technical aspects of care as well as the softer, more human aspects…  

We are uniquely equipped to offer a flexible and wide-reaching service to match whatever live-in support our clients need, from a minimum of a week, to long-term. Whether it’s respite care, or wraparound care with support needed during the day and the night. For clients who need clinical care, our dedicated staff can liaise with clinical teams on behalf of our clients and their families, taking some of the burden away.  

You may believe the complexity of your loved-one’s needs means a hospital or residential care home are the only real choices you face, but that often isn’t the case. Our live-in clinical care services can mean clients can remain at home with dignified and discreet support. 

What our clients say: 

“I felt relieved to know someone was coming to support me with the last few weeks of my mum’s life. The assessment was professionally set out in a care plan. The live-in carer started the next day […] and explained what was going to happen as my mum’s condition deteriorated. The carer gave the medication and fed mum and ensured all her personal care was given until the end of her life. Thank you for looking after Mum, nothing was too much trouble. It was a tremendous responsibility and a lot of hard work but the carer gave her best.”  

“A very capable and caring team of professionals […]They understand both the technical aspects of care as well as the softer, more human aspects.”

Eximius support means medication and meals are taken on time, 24/7 company and assistance whenever it is needed… 

Technology such as our PASS system, allows us to share and update information about a client’s care to everyone involved in their wellbeing: companions, loved ones, and health professionals.  

We monitor and record all meals and drinks and ensure that clients meet targets specified in their care plans. Our teams administer and then document the details of all medication given to monitor intake and provide reassurance. This ensures we deliver consistent and collaborative service. It also provides peace of mind to our client’s loved ones that they are well taken care of, even when they can’t be with them. 

What our clients say: 

“We cannot fault the care that [my father] is now receiving and how content and well he seems […] My father’s carer allows him the independence he has always enjoyed living in his own home, whilst my family and I are secure in the knowledge that he now receives his medication on time, gets regular meals at the correct time, in particular a hot evening meal, no longer has to worry about any housekeeping and, most important of all, has 24/7 company and someone to call out to if he needs assistance. Five stars – we could not wish for better from Eximius!” 

It’s the little things that Eximius get so right…

We believe that the little things make a big difference and that life is for celebrating. That’s why we treat our clients and our carers like family, and send cards and gifts of flowers, hampers, and fruit for celebrations such as Easter, Christmas, and birthdays.   

We also provide extra care that would be difficult to arrange in a traditional care home; from personalised fresh cooking service to sharing suitable nutritious recipes, cooking tips, and techniques to full health assessments at home. 

What our clients say: 

“While their care and support are excellent, it’s the little things that they get so right. They sent flowers when my mother started with them, send her a personal birthday present every year and she always looks forward to their Christmas hamper! They’ve just introduced a recipe book and water jug to help her nutritional needs too.”  

Thank you to our clients and families 

We really appreciate our clients and families who have taken the time to put into words their experience of Eximius support, and we hope you have found it insightful to hear directly from them.  

Our vision here at Eximius is quite simply to help elderly and vulnerable people live their lives to the fullest, and be safe, happy and looked after, whatever their needs. The support of an Eximius companion or carer means our clients can continue to do all the things they enjoy, whilst remaining in the comfort and reassurance of their own homes.   

If you or a loved-one would like to understand more about the different care options we can provide, please contact us for further information. We’d love to help.