We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with Spinal Injuries Association 

20 Dec 2021 | Spinal Injury Care

Every four hours another person is paralysed and another family must begin the life-changing journey that comes next. 

The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is here to help navigate that journey. 

The aim of the SIA is to quickly connect people who suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI) with the people, organisations and services they need. They offer practical support from regional coordinators – all of whom live with spinal cord injury themselves – as well as a team of SCI nurses. 

Only one in three newly injured people get the best NHS spinal cord injury care which is very sad to see.  

“It makes no moral or economic sense that every year around 1,700 people have their potential stunted, their recovery delayed, and their lives put at risk by inadequate care in a non-specialist setting, often at many times the cost. That’s why our very existence is so crucial.” 

Dr Rupert Earl, chair of SIA 

Baroness Masham of Ilton is the Founder and President of SIA. She suffered a spinal cord injury herself and is an active and vocal member of the House of Commons, particularly related to issues of health, disability and spinal cord injury. With continued concerns about the lack of care received by newly-injured people, as well as the lack of information on leaving hospital, the Spinal Injury Association was born. 

A network of services offering a lifetime of support 

The vision of the SIA is to welcome many more spinal cord injured people into their network of specialist services, regional support, peers, professionals and volunteers. They want people to have rapid support available as soon as they need it. 

In 2020/21, 13,300 people benefited from the amazing support offered by the SIA. 

Shared vision and values 

At Eximius, we are delighted to become a trusted partner of SIA. Through the new partnership we can ensure that our spinal cord injured clients receive the best possible care and live a fulfilled and independent life. 

“We are committed to the wellbeing of people with spinal cord injury and with the support of SIA, we will be better able to support our clients with the day-to-day health and emotional issues faced by someone post-injury.” 

Kate Hetzel, owner of Eximius Care 

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