Bespoke Urgent Care in London, Beaconsfield, the Home Counties and Across the UK

Often when people need care they are in a crisis situation, not knowing what choices are available. This can mean they immediately opt for residential care which may not be the right solution for the person or their family. By providing urgent care in London we are able to present to you a wide range of options when it comes to care available to you. For example, using short-term live-in care can “buy time” and allows you to look at options with less pressure, thus making a better decision.

If you find you suddenly need care for your loved one, please call Eximius and we can answer questions and offer solutions, we have extensive opening hours. Should you have minor injuries or in an accident or emergency. We provide urgent care in London for you and your loved ones. Typical circumstances include

  • Sudden unplanned discharge from hospital
  • Help with confidence after a fall or accident
  • Confusion and struggling with every-day tasks
  • Rehabilitation after an operation
  • Main carer suddenly taken ill or away
  • Been let down by another provider
  • Obviously planning and time are preferential as it allows us to match the right carer and ensure all equipment in place – but sometimes there just isn’t any time, and being safe and at home is the priority.

At Eximius, we have extensive experience of providing urgent care, and while we aim to be able to help within 48 hours of your call, we have been known to put care in place within 6 hours! We will carry out a full care and risk assessment within 48 hours, and ensure everything is in place for the safety of our client.