Top 10 Qualities of a Good Carer

It’s Carers Week from 6th to 12th June 2022 which is the perfect time to celebrate the carers in your life. Or, if you are a carer, to take a moment and appreciate the wonderful job you do every day, paid or unpaid.

Carers play a key role in our society with around 6.5 million carers in the UK today. It can be a very challenging role but also very fulfilling. Immense bonds can be formed and carers affect real, genuine improvements in peoples’ lives. They play a key role in helping people get better or improving and maintaining their quality of life.

So, what makes a good carer? Practical skills required for a carer’s role can be taught but the personality traits that make a wonderful carer can’t. Whether you are interested in a career in care, or you are wondering what qualities to look for when hiring a carer, this post is for you.

Qualities of a good carer

Carers must ensure that meals, medication, and appointments are all managed on time so being reliable is key.

Having empathy for the person you’re caring for is so important. They may be having difficulty coming to terms with their situation so having a carer they can connect with is very important.

Caring for someone means being in their space, both their home and in their personal space. This may feel very difficult for someone who has been independent their whole life. It’s important to avoid patronising them and be respectful to them.

With the elderly or unwell, there are many reasons why someone may become angry, frustrated, or irritable. Memory lapses are common too. In these situations, it’s important for a carer to remain calm and patient.

With a caring roll comes many jobs that require rubber gloves, an apron, and a smile on the face. A good carer can roll up their sleeves and get stuck in with the jobs that need doing – and whistle while they work!

When caring for someone it’s important the carer can notice changes when they occur, so they can act in a timely manner. In the elderly or the unwell, changes can happen rapidly. These could be physical changes, mental health changes, weight loss, or confusion for example.

Good sense of humour
Elderly people, or people with complex health issues who need a carer can often suffer from low mood, depression, and anxiety. Having a carer who can light up the room goes a long way towards cheering someone up.

The most important quality! A carer must have a caring personality to care for someone else.

It’s always beneficial if a carer has experience but a caring attitude and a willingness to learn are more important. Remember, experience doesn’t have to come from a previous paid carers role. Many of us have had experience caring for others in some capacity in our lives.

There are many different care qualifications out there but many roles don’t require specific qualifications. Again, a caring attitude and the desire to learn are the most important.

Qualities of a live-in carer

Live-in care takes a special type of person since they will be moving into the home of their clients for weeks at a time. They must enjoy spending quality time with their clients, having meaningful conversations, and understand the importance of maintaining independence and a sense of self at home for the client. Their role will include all the caring tasks you would expect, along with deep personal interaction such as taking part in hobbies with the clients or taking them on days out and to family events. Being a constant companion to them, someone they can rely on and trust with their life.

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