The Importance of Therapy in Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

1 Dec 2023 | Spinal Injury Care

Living with a spinal cord injury comes with its unique set of challenges that reach beyond just physical difficulties. It affects every part of daily life, demanding strength and a well-thought-out recovery plan. This article looks into how physical and occupational therapy plays a crucial role in spinal cord injury recovery.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Improving Movement

People with spinal injuries often find it hard to move comfortably. Physical therapy creates exercises tailored to address these specific movement challenges. These exercises are like a personalised workout routine that helps improve flexibility, making it easier for individuals to do everyday activities such as bending, reaching, or walking.

Building Stronger Muscles

Spinal injuries can make muscles weaker, and that’s not good for overall health. Physical therapy begins with a plan that includes exercises to make these muscles stronger. These exercises are different for everyone as they are designed with the individual’s needs in mind. They help keep muscles healthy, and prevent them from getting weaker.

Managing Pain

Pain often comes with a spinal injury. Physical therapy also helps to decrease pain and aims to ensure it stays manageable in the future. When people feel less pain, their life improves overall.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Making Daily Tasks Easier

Occupational therapy is concerned with the little things in life for someone with a spinal injury. It helps them relearn new ways to do daily activities independently, from putting on clothes to cooking. The goal is to make them more independent and make their life fuller.

Using Helpful Tools and Tricks

Occupational therapy brings in tools and tricks to make life easier such as special equipment and techniques. At the same time, therapists work on optimising living spaces to ensure the person can be more independent. This may include lower surfaces in the kitchen, handrails in the bathroom, and furniture rearrangement.

Supporting Your Mind and Heart

Dealing with a spinal injury is not just about the body – it also affects how you feel inside. Occupational therapy takes into account how your mind and emotions are doing. Helping you find ways to cope gives you the mental strength to face the challenges tied to your injury. 

The benefits of physical and occupational therapy in spinal injury recovery are huge. By recognising a spinal injury recovery is multi-faceted and embraces a whole-person approach, individuals can start a journey towards a stronger and more fulfilling recovery. 

At Eximius, we tailor our care to fit our client’s needs perfectly. We provide dedicated, experienced live-in care so our clients with spinal cord injuries can return safely to their own homes with appropriate support in place. Contact us here for further information.

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