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15 Oct 2021 | Live-in Care, Why Eximius?

Caring for a loved one at home 

Caring for a loved one at home is an act of kindness, loyalty and love. But it is also a huge commitment and can come with many challenges. 

Of course, you only want the best for them, but sometimes you feel you don’t know enough or you’re not doing enough for them. In some circumstances, you just may not have the skills or experience needed to care for more complex conditions. 

This can lead to feelings of guilt or inadequacy towards your loved one. Or guilt because you feel you are neglecting other members of your family such as your spouse, children or grandchildren, due to the great time commitment caring requires.  

Maybe you are still working full time and fitting the needs of your loved one around your work schedule. Being a relative’s main carer can put a strain on your finances, relationships and health, both physically and emotionally. 

You may find yourself with symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression from the pressure of trying to ‘do it all’. There is very little time to relax or take care of your own self-care needs. 

You know your loved one needs care but hate the idea of a care home 

When you face the challenge of making decisions for elderly or ill loved ones, it’s a great responsibility and you want to do what’s best for them. In many cases, people want to remain in their own homes rather than having to go into a care home. 

You know they want the security and familiarity of staying in their own home, surrounded by their own possessions and treasured memories. You want them to feel comfortable, loved and to have family visit any time, without restrictions.  

You don’t want their quality of life to suffer in any way but you need to know they are safe and have all their care needs met. This is where Eximius can bridge the gap. 

Eximius provides care and companionship at home which is tailored to the needs of your loved one. This could be wellness checks during the day or 24/7 live-in care support depending on the needs of each individual client. Having expert companions looking after the caring responsibilities allows you to enjoy spending quality time with your loved one again. 

“I was at my wit’s end. I was scared and definitely not prepared…As I put the phone down to Eximius, I felt relieved to know someone was coming to support me with the last few weeks of my mum’s life”.  

Eximius Client

How Eximius chooses companions  

The quality of our companions at Eximius is of paramount importance. They must be friendly, experienced, professional and have a caring attitude. Following a candidate’s successful interview, we begin checks such as references and DBS (police check) as well as in-depth training. Our companions work through 14 training modules which are finalised with workplace assessments. 

We match companions with our client’s requirements but also personality too. It’s really important that a client and a companion can form a bond and friendship. A profile of the companion’s work history, experience and hobbies are available for the clients to view. A zoom or telephone interview with the companion, the client and their family is arranged to confirm if it is a good match and most importantly, the client feels comfortable. 

Keeping families informed  

Eximius use the latest technology to maintain up-to-date and accurate records. An interactive system produces tailor-made care plans for all clients. Electronic medication sheets and care plans ensure updates are immediately available on the system. Care notes and activities can be viewed and audited in the office straight away. 

A health check system has been created to provide an early warning system. Blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels are recorded daily. This information is monitored by our clinical lead and private GP and allows for rapid intervention when needed. This provides reassurance to families that their loved ones are being closely monitored. 

Eximius is rated Outstanding – What does that mean for you? 

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the body that regulates all care services in the UK. They evaluate each service provider to assess if they are SafeWell LedEffectiveResponsive and Caring. When a rating of Outstanding is given in more than two of these areas, an overall rating of Outstanding is achieved. 

Eximius is extremely proud to be in the 5% of care providers in the UK rated as Outstanding, meaning we go above and beyond. You can be assured that your loved ones will have all their needs met by our exceptional companions. 

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