How Eximius Support is responding to the challenges of COVID-19

12 Jun 2020 | Eximius News, Why Eximius?

At Eximius we take the safety of our clients and staff very seriously. To that end, when the pandemic was first discussed back in early March, we called all our primary companions to let them know that we were going into immediate lock down, that we did not know how long it would last, and to ask if they wanted to stay or leave. We were thrilled that over 95% wanted to stay with their clients and ensure they were safe and happy. Those that did leave had family or other commitments overseas, and we totally respected this.

Now we are in mid-June, and we are pleased to say that not one of our clients or carers has contracted COVID-19 or been ill. In the office myself, Maria and Lisa have all had it and had a positive anti-body test, but we managed to isolate the spread!

We have supported our team with shopping, deliveries of PPE, gifts such as essential bars of chocolate, weekly phone calls and Zoom team meetings. We are so proud of what they have achieved in this very difficult time for all, and early on sent them this video.

Now restrictions are being slightly lifted, we are beginning to return to normal – although it is not normal and will not be for a long time. Our clients safety is still a  priority and many are still isolating or shielding. We are giving our carers a break now, as they have been with clients for over 3 month. We also think there may be a second wave, and we want all our carers to be well rested, should we go into lock down again.

Any new carers going into clients are all having a COVID-19 test 48 hours before a placement. I have to say we have found this to be smooth and easy – so far so good! They then isolate until the result and until they go into a client. Nothing is perfect, and they may still use a taxi or public transport, but they are wearing full PPE and following social distancing rules.

We are also taking on new clients, and have had a real flurry in the last week. Some have been unhappy with their current company, some have realised they need help, and some have had family caring for them who need to get back to their own jobs and responsibilities. All are welcome!

I am so proud of how each and every member of Eximius have behaved in this crisis. Calmly, kindly, and always putting our clients first. I thank them all.

Kate Hetzel