Inspiring Young Minds 

25 Jul 2023 | Carers

The future belongs to the young minds of today. Eximius Live In Support is dedicated to inspiring those young minds into a career in Health & Social Care. We take responsibility for nurturing the potential of the next generation, empowering them to become innovators, leaders and the changemakers of tomorrow. 

By providing the right environment, opportunities and guidance we can ignite their passion, cultivate their creativity and equip them with the skills to make a difference to Health & Social Care’s future! 

Encouraging Curiosity: Curiosity is the seed in which innovation begins. Encouraging young minds to explore, question, and seek answers for a lifelong love of learning. By promoting curiosity in schools, workplaces, at home and in communities we can inspire children of today – the future generation. Cultivating a thirst for knowledge, promoting critical thinking and opening doors to endless possibilities. 

Role Models: Inspiring the dreamers and doers. We all need someone to look up to and young minds are no exception. Young minds need positive role models, individuals who have achieved extraordinary feats in their respective fields. Role models can serve as beacons of inspiration showing young minds that their dreams are attainable with dedication and hard work whilst also sharing their journeys, struggles and triumphs. Showcasing diverse role models, we can encourage young minds to dream big and pursue their passions fearlessly. 

Hands on Learning: engaging young minds in hands on learning experiences can have engaging and profound impact on their development. At Eximius ,we allow young minds to experience all opportunities bridging the gap between theory and practical applications, enhancing their understanding and igniting their passion. 

Building Resilience: Nurturing the next generation of problem solvers, resilience is a crucial skill that helps young minds navigate setbacks and challenges. Through inspiring stories and expert insights, Eximius helps to empower young minds to bounce back, learn from their experiences and build the resilience needed to tackle future endeavours. 

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Spirit: Entrepreneurial thinking goes beyond starting businesses. It embodies creativity, problem solving and a mindset that embraces innovation and opportunity. We encourage young minds to think outside of the box, take risks and develop solutions to real world problems. This mindset empowers them to become agents of change, ready to shape and lead change for the future of our Health & Social care sector! 

Inspiring young minds is a rewarding and transformative journey. Empowering a journey of self-discovery, exploration and growth providing valuable insights, practical tips and inspiring stories. Togethers, lets ignite the spark for Health & Social Care for the next generation! 

Last week Lili joined us for a week of work experience… 

We planned an informative week for her to observe different areas of the company and Health & Social care. 

Lili spent time in our head office and visited clients with a Field Care Supervisor listening to stories of those who require care and those who are providing and managing the care which has inspired Lili to continue with her aspiration to join her family as the fourth generation to work in the Health & Social Care. 

Lili also gained experience of general office duties including answering the telephone and assisting with marketing projects. Lili also completed her first aid training and learned CPR, she spent some time looking at nutritional health & wellbeing and made her own recipe for our recipe book. Our clients cannot wait to try her Salmon & Asparagus pasta! 

We asked Lili a few questions… 

Why did you choose Eximius for your work experience? 

I chose to Eximius to do my work experience as I wanted to learn about how live-in care works, as its different to many other care settings. I also want to experience what it was like working with a knowledgeable and successful team.  

What has interested you towards a career in Health & Social care?  

I have always had a passion to look after people, young and older. I believe care and being kind is within you, and not something you can teach. The women on my family all come from a nurse or caring background, so it’s in my genes. 

How have you found your week working within the office in Health & Social Care at Eximius? 

I’ve been inspired by the Eximius team. They have been very supportive, and I’ve learnt so much about the different roles and responsibilities that makes the service work. They all made me feel part of the team, particularly with my own uniform and ID badge, and they all went out of their way to spend time with me. I found the team to be very kind and welcoming.  

Which part of your week have you found the most inspirational? 

Whilst I have loved being part of the office environment, I think the most inspirational part of my week was visiting one of Eximius’s clients, her daughter and her carer. I enjoyed sitting with her and chatting to each other about our interests, my school, plans for the future, and my family. I could see the carer and the client had a lovely relationship, which was nice to see.  

Would you recommend a career in this sector to your peers? 

I would definitely recommend a career in care to my friends, as it’s rewarding to be kind and care for people, and no two days are the same. It’s also rewarding to work with a team that are close like a family, it makes it a much nicer day at work.  

Lili has now returned for her final week of Year 10 feeling inspired to complete her GCSE next year continuing her aspiration to work in health and social care in the future!