How Live-In Night Care can provide peace of mind and support when you need it most

27 Apr 2021 | Live-in Care, Live-In Night Care

The nature of some conditions can mean you or your loved one need specialist care during the night as well as during the day. This can be both exhausting and difficult to manage without dedicated support. Whether you need respite care at night because you’re already providing care during the day, or support round the clock, you could benefit from our Live-In Night Care service. 

When night care can help 

If you’re already providing care to a loved one during the day, it can be exhausting to juggle the care they need at night alongside your own necessary rest and recovery. Whilst it can be tempting to just try and muddle through, this can result in the quality of the care you provide being compromised, and a long-term inadequate amount of sleep can have an adverse effect on your own health. 

Alternatively, if 24-hour live-in support is needed, a separate day carer and night carer can be the answer. This means each carer is able to sleep and recover fully, enabling them to provide high quality care when required. This means you or your loved one can get the support you need, whatever the time of day.  

Night time care is usually provided either by “sleeping nights” or “waking nights”. 

What is the difference between “sleeping nights” and “waking nights”? 

  • “Sleeping nights” are typically used if you need the peace of mind to know you have someone else in the house overnight ready to give care as required. This is useful for those who feel anxious, isolated or vulnerable at night. 
  • “Waking nights” are employed when the frequency or complexity of care required exceeds that provided with “sleeping nights”. As the name suggests, the carer will stay awake during the night and then sleep during the day. All that is required is a quiet bedroom where they can relax while not working. It means the same level of care and support can be provided during the night as it would be during the day. 

The benefits of Live-in Night Care 

It’s reassuring to have consistency in the individuals providing care. By having the same person every night, a rapport can be quickly built resulting in both expert care and support alongside trusted companionship. At Eximius, we match a carer who has the right training, experience, and temperament to each of our clients. 

There is peace of mind in consistent and reliable care without the anxiety of being let down at the last minute by cancellations. There is the added advantage of a longer hand-over period to those who are providing daytime care, whether to family or care professionals, ensuring a smooth and informed transition and flexibility in both mornings and evenings. 

Night care can be an affordable option and is less expensive than you think with pricing flexible, according to the type of care you need.  

How can Live-In Night Care help? 

Our expert live-in night care can provide a range of support dependent upon the individual physical and emotional needs of each client:   

  • Reassurance and companionship to each client, this is especially important at night time when feelings of anxiety and isolation can be heightened. 
  • Helping to turn a client during the night/repositioning to preserve skin tissue and keep blood flowing. 
  • Monitoring of stats such as blood pressure, breathing, temperature, etc. 
  • Dignified and sensitive assistance with toileting as required.
  • Our teams are trained in medication and pain management with everything captured on a secure care electronic system providing transparency and reassurance to families. 
  • Monitoring and support of intake of fluids via PEG and equipment integrity for those on liquid only diets  
  • Assistance with Bipap and cpap machines for breathing support 

Here at Eximius, we understand the toll that night time care can take on our clients and families. Live-in night care can alleviate some of this strain. It can be used on its own or alongside our other services – Live-in Day Care, Live-in Respite Care and Live-in Clinical Care.   

Having the right care and support in place at night can provide peace of mind to both clients and their families. They know the right care is in place and everyone is getting a good night’s sleep. 

If you’re struggling to provide the right level of care at night for yourself or your loved one, please get in contact, we’d love to help.