How live-in care differs from domiciliary care

16 Aug 2019 | Live-In vs Residential Care

We are often asked by enquiring customers what the difference is between our live-in care services and the more common domiciliary care. They share similarities in that they are both home care services, but they have two completely different approaches and levels of service.

Domiciliary care is also known as hourly care, and is when a care or support worker visits a customer at their home for a fixed number of hours a day or week. They assist with meals, cleaning, shopping and giving customers company within those set hours.

Live-in care is similar in that it is care provided at the home, but it is much more! A care companion lives with the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing complete round-the-clock support in all areas of life, including medication, hygiene and going on holidays with the customers. For customers with more serious health concerns that need dedicated attention, live-in care is the viable alternative to domiciliary care and the care home.

Eximius Support provides full live-in care solutions, tailored to each and every customer’s unique requirements. We have many safe, skilled and nurturing hands at the ready – there’s truly no limit to the services we can provide:

  • Support with all care requirements
  • Help with personal care and getting you ready for the day and night ahead
  • Manage and monitor medication
  • Clean and ensure upkeep of household requirements
  • Manage shopping and cooking and even arrange dinner parties for you and your friends
  • Organise appointments and accompany you to them
  • Arrange and company events and appointments, whether theatre trips, sports or a day outing
  • Help with holiday plans and go with you if needed

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