How Eximius chooses carers and companions

26 Nov 2021 | Live-in Care, Live-in Clinical Care, Why Eximius?

Once you or your loved one decide you need extra care at home, you might feel unsure or nervous about meeting lots of different carers.  

It can be stressful to have different people coming in and out of your home, and difficult to create a bond when you see a different carer every day.   

Fortunately, at Eximius, we do things differently. Your loved one deserves the very best of care so they can continue to live their lives to the fullest. We match one carer or companion to each client, rather than a team. This allows them to build a close relationship and become a valued part of the family.  

Reasons to choose Eximius 

The quality of our companions at Eximius is so important. It’s essential that they are friendly, experienced, professional and have a caring attitude. Our carers and companions are carefully selected by our recruitment manager, ensuring that all staff employed by the company are of an outstanding standard.  

The importance of matching companions and clients 

We match our companions’ skills with our client’s requirements but also bear in mind personalities. It’s really important that a client and a companion can form a bond and friendship. A profile of the companion’s work history, experience and hobbies are available for the clients to view. A Zoom or telephone interview with the companion, the client and their family is arranged to confirm that it’s a good match and most importantly, that the client feels comfortable. 

When we meet a client and their family, we learn all about their likes and dislikes, past and hobbies. Companions and clients are perfectly matched to ensure they share similar interests. This enables a client to continue living an interesting and stimulating life. 

Consistency and continuity 

We believe in keeping the same companion or carer in place for as long as possible. This means a strong bond can develop between them, their client and their family, and they can build a trusting and meaningful relationship. Typically a companion will stay with the client for a number of weeks or months, have some time off and then return. A second companion will maintain continuity when the main companion is on leave. 

Experience of our companions 

Here at Eximius, we have a varied team with lots of experience ranging from standard live-in care to much more complex clinical care with a Clinical Lead. Our carers and companions have a wealth of experience ranging from cooking a hot meal and doing shopping trips, right through to managing complex care needs. 

High quality staff and training  

Following a candidate’s successful interview, we begin checks such as references and DBS (police check) as well as in-depth training. Our companions receive 12 weeks of training and work through 14 training modules which are finalised with workplace assessments. This ensures our companions are knowledgeable and highly skilled. They are also assigned a mentor (one of our trusted longer-serving companions) to ensure there is always someone available to answer any questions. 

Staff are trained in specific types of care (eg spinal injury) 

Our nurse-led clinical care team is trained to the highest level. They work closely with other health professionals, such as discharge teams, occupational therapists, neurologists and specialist consultants to ensure that all equipment and person-centred care planning is in place before the client returns home.  

For additional specific training, we utilise associations such as the Spinal Injury Association (SIA) and the British Association of Brain Injury and Complex Case Management (BABICM). You can be assured that you or your loved one are in safe hands regardless of the complexity of their care needs. 

We are one big family 

We are a small family-run business, and treat our clients and companions as family. We work closely together as a team and have strong bonds with our clients. Neither our clients nor our companions are forgotten on special occasions. We send them all cards, gifts and goodie bags to show how much we care. We believe that the little things make a big difference.  

To learn more about us head over here to meet the team.