Holistic live-in care for people with brain injuries

31 May 2021 | Brain Injury, Live-in Care

Caring for people with brain injuries is complicated because they vary in type and severity. Patients might have had their injury since birth, or it could have occurred later in life as a result of an accident or infection. Individuals with a brain injury often need a wide range of support in day-to-day life and this can be challenging to navigate for both themselves and their families. 

Whilst treatment and recovery plans are different for everyone, live-in care at home can offer the greatest benefits to client’s health and wellbeing.  

Here at Eximius, holistic support is at the core of our live-in care programme. The services we provide are tailored to help the whole person rather than focusing solely on our client’s medical and physical needs. This means their mental and emotional needs also form an essential part of their care plan. 

Medical support 

At Eximius, our live-in carers offer a professional, compassionate, and person-centred service. They are trained and experienced in delivering clinical care for our clients with brain injuries. Our carers provide further support via liaison with the wider team of health professionals. This often includes discharge teams, occupational therapists, neurologists, and specialist consultants. In this way, our services provide peace of mind to both clients and families, as they can be confident that their appointments are scheduled, attended, and followed up and medicines are dispensed properly. 

Physical support 

The physical support required when caring for clients with brain injuries is vital to both treatment and recovery. Our teams ensure clients undertake appropriate regular physical activity. This not only contributes towards rehabilitation but also helps them maintain a healthy weight, and improves their strength, balance, posture, and flexibility. Physical activity also helps our clients sleep better and is important for mental health.

Where appropriate, our teams can help clients perform a range of motion exercises to keep joints supple and assist with bowel, bladder, and skin care. For patients with reduced mobility, our teams can also sensitively assist with personal care and hygiene whilst maintaining the client’s dignity.

Social support 

Our companions play a vital role in facilitating their client’s social engagement. This includes maintaining regular contact with friends and family in their own home and further afield. Carers accompany their clients on social and cultural visits. Regular social interaction is an essential and positive contributor to a client’s quality of life and general sense of wellbeing. 

Emotional support 

It’s not unusual for clients with brain injuries to experience fluctuations in their mood. For example, feelings of frustration can be commonplace. Over time this can result in a deterioration of mental wellbeing if not properly monitored. Our carers are trained to provide excellent emotional support and assistance during these difficult periods.  

Furthermore, we carefully match our carers with each client, factoring in skills, personality, and interests.  

Finally, consistency in the person or team delivering the care ensures strength and support can be drawn from the long-term trusted relationship that forms between each client and their carer.

The comfort of home 

Remaining in their own home can provide an enormous amount of comfort and reassurance to clients with brain injuries. The familiarity and comfort of being surrounded by personal belongings and memories can contribute greatly to a client’s sense of wellbeing.  

Hospital or other residential care environments can be more stressful and harder to adapt to. Clients who stay in their own homes can maintain local connections to friends, family, and community. If our clients have pets, they can carry on enjoying their companionship. Many of our clients love the fact they can continue to enjoy their garden.  

Here at Eximius, we passionately believe in the value of holistically treating our clients with brain injuries. By meeting the needs of the whole person, our live-in carers ensure clients are given the opportunity to live their life to its fullest. 

If you or a loved-one would like to understand more about how we support clients with brain injuries, or any of the different care options we can provide, please contact us for further information. We’d love to help.