Why live-in care is increasing in popularity in the UK

Our friends at the Live-In Care Hub have put together another informative piece on the rising popularity of live-in care in the UK.

Live-in care is becoming a popular choice for families who want the very best for their loved one. It is a really good alternative to residential care, and in many cases it is preferable for a number of reasons. Here are some of the reasons people prefer live-in care:

  • 1 on 1 Care – The person has 1 on 1 care from their caregiver, ensuring their needs are consistently monitored and met. Whether it is health needs or emotional needs, the person is looked after all the time.
  • Staying With Pets – A high number of people have to give up their pets when they go into residential care. This can be extremely upsetting for most people, and even cause depression in others. With live-in care people are able to stay with their beloved companions.
  • Independence – Carers are there to help their client retain independence. Whether that is going shopping, going to local hobby clubs or visiting friends, a person is able to maintain their independence and sense of self in later life with live-in care.
  • Staying With Partners – Live-in care helps partners who have been together for many years stay together. Residential care can cause partners to be separated which can be incredibly distressing for those involved.
  • Staying With Memories – A home is not just bricks and mortar, it holds memories, as do the possessions within them. Live-in care enables a person to stay close to all that they hold dear to them.
  • Combating Loneliness – A high percentage of elderly people suffer from loneliness. Live-care helps to combat loneliness because a person remains near friends and family, and has constant companionship plus a sense of self.
  • Maintaining Control – A lot of people feel they have lost control of their lives when they go into care homes because they don’t have a say in when they get up, go to bed or eat; sometimes not even what they wear. Live-in care helps them maintain that level of control over their lives.
  • Staying Healthy – Live-in care has many health benefits including helping people avoid falling, helping them avoid dementia, and helping them stay active. This makes for a better quality of life long-term.

Read the full article here. Learn more about Eximius and our refined approach to live-in care here.