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Read what our customers are saying about our live in care support and home care services:

"Dear Rachel,

I must say we're very grateful to have her. M is really doing a great job. She's fantastic with Dad in the care she is providing and I know he really appreciates her companionship and enjoys their conversations as he adjusts to having someone else in the house with him all of the time. The home cooking is also going down a storm!"

R (August 2020)

"Dear Maria,

I hope you are well and the family are all okay. I just wanted to say that my son was passing by Mum’s house today and popped in to see her unannounced. He is very close to my mum, I think as first grandchild and a boy they have a special bond.

He was so pleased to see mum happy, eating, newly out of the shower and obviously very happy with B. He said the house was immaculate with little touches like one of Mum’s beautiful table clothes on the table. He came away feeling that mum was being loved and cared for with very high standards.

So, I just wanted to thank you and your team and carers yet again for all you do. Without you I honestly don’t know how we would have managed this pandemic and my family can’t thank you enough."

V (August 2020)

H.N. (June 2020)

"Dear Rachel,

I would like to say how delighted I was with B looking after my mum.

She was not only professional, but friendly, kind, and really seemed to love my mum.

She always made me feel hungry, with her lovely cooking, and she always kept the house immaculately clean.

It would be a pleasure to have her back at any time."

Mrs. C. E. (May 2020)

"Oh Maria!

It is my pleasure, I am so glad that things are going well for H, she is such a wonderful and brave young woman with such a lovely family and I am sure that your companion will play a key role and do a great job in supporting her on her continuous road to recovery.

I think that H is a good case for a very “customised team approach” to the discharge and care of a complex patient with Traumatic Brain Injury (in very challenging times!)."

Ms. Eva Nunez, Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist (May 2020)

"Hi Maria,

I just thought I would let you know that I spoke to H’s Mum this morning and she was so complimentary about P. In fact she said she doesn’t know how they’ll ever manage without her!

She has obviously fitted in well and they are very impressed with how she delivers the more therapy-based interventions with H. There was also some great feedback from the therapists who were delighted with P's response to some instructions they left regarding H's splints.

So thanks a million for working with me to get her there and can you pass on the good feedback to P!"

J.N., Practice Manager (May 2020)

"I can’t thank you enough for putting two amazing carers in place to look after my parents through this very difficult time.

I feel happy and comfortable that they are both being looked after by the best carers we could have ever hoped for!

Thank you so much."

Jo (April 2020)

"Dear Kate,

 I would just like to say thank you so much for all you and your team do for Mum. I really don’t know what we would have done at this difficult time if we had not had you in place. Your flawless transition with mums care has been amazing. Having Busie in lockdown with Mum from the beginning has given us all great peace of mind. Thank you again."

Ms. V. K. (April 2020)

"Hi Lisa,

Many thanks to you and Veszna for being so diligent with this. It makes a difference! I dropped some food round yesterday and had the chance to chat with V, and I too think she is doing a super job!"

Mr. S. E. (April 2020)

"Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to say a personal thank you to you both. As I am sure you experience often mum had just got to the point of it being simply too much but to sit with you both today and hear the options available opened up a whole new avenue of hope and that was simply wonderful."

Ms. S. C. (March 2020)

"Dear Kate and the Eximius team,

Cilla is a gem - a carer in the truest sense of the word. She is so kind, gentle and patient with a warm hearted disposition. She is self motivated & hard working, and has high standards ensuring that the client’s dignity and comfort are maintained at all times.

She had a good relationship with the other carers who support my father, and they all enjoyed working with Cilla (very positive verbal feedback).

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Cilla and spend time with her, and to have the reassurance that my parents were being well cared for."

Ms. J. M. (November 2019)

"Dear Eximius Team,

Thank you for Lucy!

Her manner is so right for Mum… We need to bottle up her voice and lilty way of speaking to Mum!

I can see how relaxed Mum has been with her."

Ms. P. G. (August 2019)

"Dear Kate,

I just wanted to write as the GP to JS who Allison Stacey has been caring for. She does an amazing job and I am continually impressed by the care, patience and compassion she shows him.

JS is in by far the best shape of any patient I have seen with comparably advanced dementia – I think Allison’s care has been a major part of his good health."

Dr. R. M.L. (April 2019)

Hi Maria,

I have been very impressed with Stella (a good choice of carer). She seems to have coped very well this week and it has certainly been a less stressful week for me. She dealt with the electrics blowing a trip switch and Dad refusing to get up yesterday. Whenever I have seen him he has seemed ok. She has kept the house more noticeably tidy.

I think she has had rugby overload and even escorted Dad to a Wasps game in Coventry yesterday. (Beyond her duties but she was happy to go!)"

Ms. C. P. (January 2019)

“Dear Maria,

It was lovely to see you yesterday.

I can’t tell you how different mum is looking since Florina has been looking after her. Her hair is washed, her clothes are clean. The house smells normal and she is being so well cared for it just makes me feel so much better.

Thank you.”

Mrs. V. (December 2018)

Celebrating a client’s 80th birthday

“I am writing to thank you for the care and consideration that you personally and all at Eximius have taken in setting up and providing a live in care program for my mother at her home.

From the first time I contacted your agency the response has been immediate, professional and caring. You yourself have shown a sensitive understanding of what remains a difficult family situation. Eximius has gone out of its way to assess our needs at short notice, to construct a detailed care plan and put in place excellent carers, as well as making suggestions of ways to enhance mum’s care.

Thank you so much.”

Ms. V. Keane (November 2018)

“When it suddenly became clear that my fiercely independent, 93 year old, widowed mother was starting to struggle with loneliness and day to day tasks, I called Eximius to find out if they could send a live-in companion at short notice to the tiny village in France where she has lived for 35 years.

They sorted things out very quickly for me, including coming to meet me and my brother to establish our exact requirements, and then sending someone out to do an assessment of my mother within 5 days of initial contact.

Eximius is also fantastically sensitive to, and responsive at, dealing with the teething problems that arise from such a massive change in the life of an elderly person. I would recommend this agency to anyone.”

Louise K. (December 2017)

“From talking with Cynthia on my initial call, it was clear your business has an exceptional set of values and a very strong proposition around actually caring.

I had spoken to a number of firms before finding you and the engagement was like going from an Easy Jet carousel on a very bad day straight through into BA’s first class lounge.”

R. S. (July 2017)

“My mother has severe dementia and for the past three years has been looked after by a live in carer found for us by Kate Hetzel. The carer Kate suggested was chosen not only for her qualifications and experience but also to meet my mums individual and specific needs and match her interests; it has been a complete pleasure to watch their relationship grow to what it is today.

My mothers quality of life has improved 100%, and having a live in carer whom we trust implicitly has made a remarkable difference to our lives too, I now know my mother is safe, well fed, stimulated & has 24 hour companionship. They are out and about together daily.

Getting in touch with Kate couldn’t be easier and we have always found everyone extremely approachable and ready to answer any queries we had when the concept of a live in carer was new to us.”

Mrs Niki Knibbs (July 2017)

“Your carer was delightful and my mother took to her immediately. Without her help the last few days would have been much worse…….” 

S. P. (August 2016)

“My mother’s lifestyle has improved 100%.  She is safe, well cared for, well fed, always has much-needed company and goes out daily.  It has been an absolute pleasure to watch their relationship develop.”

N.K. (July 2016)