Spending Christmas With Elderly Relatives

8 Dec 2018 | Advice, Companionship, Respite Care

It’s Christmas!

The smell of pine needles, warm log fire, mulled wine and family getting together – for good or bad.

Maybe you haven’t seen your parents or elderly relatives for a while?

Have you suddenly noticed a difference in them? Are they not coping as well?

Christmas tends to be the longest time we spend with elderly relatives and it can sometimes be a shock to see how much older they seem to be. It can often be a real concern and a time when children or younger relatives realise that help of some form is needed.

At Eximius, we often have calls in January, with anxious relatives worried about leaving their loved-ones on their own. Typical comments we get include:

• “They don’t seem to be dressing in clean clothes anymore”
• “Mum was so forgetful, and it made Dad frustrated – I don’t think they’re coping together anymore”
• “Dad seemed very frail, and nearly fell several times. I’m worried what would have happened if we hadn’t been there”
• “Uncle Bill couldn’t manage his medication – he kept forgetting to take it, and got really angry when I asked him”

Does this sound familiar? Are you scared to leave them alone while you return to your life? Are you beginning to be concerned it will only get worse?

Often our immediate reaction is to look at a local care home, but there are alternatives.

Studies show that 97% of people want to stay in their own homes, in familiar surroundings with familiar routines.

Live-in care allows people to remain in their own homes. A live-in carer provides companionship and support, helping with personal care, medication, cooking, shopping, cleaning and ensuring people are safe and well cared for in their own homes.

It can be an interim solution, buying time for proper conversations and research of what the best options are. More often than not, people decide it is the right option, and enjoy the benefits live-in care provides.

At Eximius, our managers have over 30 years’ experience of the situations described above. Most people are resistant to acknowledging they need help and allowing a stranger to come and live in their home.

We can smooth those conversations and allay those worries, highlighting the benefits and the flexibility of live-in care.

Call us on 01494 424222 or 0203 794 9933 for a friendly chat on how we can help.

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