Planning For Later Life: A Seminar and Afternoon Tea

7 Nov 2022 | Eximius News, Uncategorised

We recently held our seminar and afternoon tea hosted by Allan Janes Solicitors, Premier Financial Management, and Eximius Care.

Duncan and Kate discussed later life options. It is never too early (or too late) to start considering your later life needs. This is for you if you’ve not really considered your practical financial and care options in preparation for older age.

This was an informative talk on your practical care options and financial options, as well as estate and tax planning.

You can watch the seminar below.

Later Life Seminar

The slides can be downloaded here.

What we covered

During the afternoon Duncan discussed:

Wills, LPAs and Estate Planning

It is important to put in place steps to ensure that your affairs can be managed and your family are taken care of, regardless of what later life may hold. Ashley will guide you through the importance of preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney and some of the more complex areas in which they can be used, as well as structuring your Wills to provide for spouses or vulnerable beneficiaries and the rules around gifting during your lifetime to provide for future generations and mitigate inheritance tax liabilities.

Later Life Financial Planning

We believe that it is better to spend time planning your future now, while you are able to, to avoid stress later on. Planning for later life now can give you greater control in the future.

Using tools such as cashflow modelling, we can help clients to answer key questions about their future, such as:

  • How long will my money last?
  • Can I afford the retirement lifestyle I want?
  • Who will look after my estate if I need to go into care?
  • What legacy can I leave my children?

Kate discussed:

Lifetime Care

As people enjoy longer lives than ever before and state healthcare faces an uncertain future, it’s become more important to think about providing for your own long-term health needs.

We will guide you through the different possibilities and their various pros and cons, covering options like equity release schemes and annuities or immediate care plans.

Care options

Eximius are providers of refined live-in support and care. Kate will explain some of the care choices that are available in later life including what types of care are available and the points to consider when choosing the most appropriate type of care for yourself or a loved one.

Your hosts

Duncan Horner, Financial Planning Director at Premier Financial Management

​Duncan has twenty-five years of experience in the financial services industry, working as a partner at Towry for ten years prior to joining PFM. As a Director of the business, he works closely with our individual and corporate clients. Duncan has a wealth of experience advising corporations, business owners, private individuals and trustees on all areas of financial planning.

Kate Hetzel, Founder of Eximius Live-In Care

Eximius, founded in 2016, provides exceptional live-in care and companionship for people who need help and support. It was inspired by her mother, a spirited, fiercely independent 85-year-old.

Kate’s vision is to provide bespoke care services that focus on helping elderly and vulnerable people to live their lives to the fullest. She wants her clients to be able to carry on doing all the things they enjoy, with the support of an Eximius companion or carer to make sure they are safe, happy and looked after.

Before founding Eximius in 2016, Kate ran a care franchise for 13 years employing over 100 carers and caring for more than 350 clients at any one time.