Plan ahead and pre-register for live-in care with Eximius

15 Nov 2021 | Live-in Care

As you get older it can become more difficult to accept help or even to accept you need help. 

Perhaps you’re worried about your loved ones as they age. How will they cope? What happens if…? 

Your loved one may be fiercely independent and you know that they intend to remain that way for as long as possible. But you also know that health issues and advancing age may eventually make independence more difficult.  

Here at Eximius, we support you and the people you care about. Our dedicated companions offer live-in care whatever their needs from companionship and home-cooked meals, to complex, round the clock medical care. Whatever you need we can arrange for you. 

But if you don’t feel that it’s quite the right time for live-in care just yet, we invite you to pre-register with us 

Pre-registering for live-in care  

Pre-registering with us takes the pressure off you. When the time comes and you or your loved one needs help at home it’s better to be prepared so you don’t have to make quick decisions, especially if you’ve had an illness or accident. Under crisis circumstances, the stress of the situation makes it much more difficult to make the best choices.  

So rather than waiting until your loved one’s health or standard of living declines, why not plan ahead? If you think you might need extra help over the winter, we can get a care plan in place.  

By pre-registering with us, we are able to get to know your loved one, their needs and any health issues in detail. You can make sure you make the right decision and relax knowing that help is on hand as soon as you need it. 

A lovely lady preregistered with us a little while ago. She is 96 years old and in good health but her family had concerns that her age would eventually impact her ability to do things for herself. The lady didn’t want or need help at the time but pre-registered so she has the peace of mind to know she will be in good hands when the time comes. We got to know her and made a plan, assessing what her needs may be. She was able to find out more about us and what she could expect from us too.  

Almost a year later we had a phone call from the lady’s daughter saying her mother needed urgent care. Because we had everything in place we were able to provide care within 48 hours. 

The lady and her daughter were very happy they had pre-registered, making the process much easier. 

“I am so glad I chose Eximius for help as everything has turned out so well” 

If you are reading this now, it’s likely you have time to consider your options carefully. Now could well be the perfect time to pre-register with us and we’ll be ready and waiting when you need us! 

We’d love to chat more and answer any questions you may have so please get in touch.