Love Your Garden: Preparing for Spring

23 Feb 2024 | Advice

Gardening isn’t just about growing plants. It’s a way to stay healthy and happy, especially for older adults. Early Spring is the perfect time to start preparing your garden, but maybe you’re not sure where to begin. Here, we will share some spring preparation gardening tips you can do right now. 

The Benefits of Gardening for Older Adults

Gardening has proven benefits for anyone’s health.

Physical Health: Gardening can be a great workout. It can make you stronger and help you stay active. When you’re outside planting and weeding, you’re moving all kinds of muscles. Plus, you get to eat what you grow- lots of fresh and healthy foods!

Mental Health: Gardening is also good for your brain. It can make you feel more relaxed and happy. It’s a peaceful activity that can help clear your mind. Watching your plants grow can be exciting and make you feel proud and fulfilled.

Social Engagement: Gardening can help you make friends. Whether gardening with a carer, family, or in a community garden, it’s a fun way to spend time with others.

Preparing the Garden for Spring

Here are some gardening activities you can do now in preparation for Spring.

Indoor Sowing: Some plants need to start inside because it’s still chilly outside. You can plant seeds such as tomatoes, peppers, and flowers in small pots. Make sure they get enough light and are planted in good soil. This is giving your plants a head start!

Garden Planning: It’s a good idea to think about where everything will go before planting. Some plants need more sun, and others need more shade. Drawing a map can help. Also, deciding ahead of time what you want to grow can make everything more manageable later.

Pruning and Maintenance: Early Spring is an excellent time to clean your garden. Some plants need to be trimmed to grow better when it’s warmer. It’s also a fantastic time to check your gardening tools and clean them up for spring.

Adaptive Gardening Techniques If You Have Difficulty

Raised Beds and Container Gardening: If it’s hard to bend down or kneel, raised beds or containers can be really helpful. You can garden standing up or sitting in a chair. This way, everyone can enjoy gardening, no matter what.

Ergonomic Tools: Some gardening tools are easier to hold and use, which is great for keeping your hands and arms from getting too tired. These tools are made to fit your hand better and make gardening more comfortable. They are great for those with arthritis, too.

Gardening Seating: Some special seats and kneelers make gardening more comfortable. This means you can enjoy your garden more without getting a sore back or knees.

How Eximius Can Support You with Your Gardening Activities

Our live-in companions support our clients with every aspect of their lives. We are pleased to support you in continuing to do activities that bring you joy. When it comes to your garden, we can be right there with you, helping with the tools, ensuring your safety and celebrating with you when we see our hard work come to fruition.

Gardening is a fantastic way for older adults to stay active, enjoy nature, and grow their own healthy foods. Starting now, anyone can prepare their garden for spring with some planning and the right tools. With the help of Eximius Support, gardening can be adapted to fit anyone’s abilities, making it a safe and enjoyable activity for all. So, let’s grab those gardening gloves and get ready to dig in. Spring is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to prepare your garden for a season full of growth and joy.

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