How to find the right live-in care provider for you

29 Nov 2019 | Why Eximius?

Live-in care is a popular form of care that many benefit from. However, what are the common standards you can expect across the board from all live-in care providers?

The standard criteria for quality live-in care is set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who are the independent regulator of health and social care in England. These are the standards expected and ensured that live-in care providers follow:

  • Person-centred care
    Providing tailored care specific to the needs of those being cared for.
  • Dignity and respect
    You must be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Consent
    Ensuring the appropriate consent is always given when care is being provided.
  • Safety
    “Providers must assess the risks to your health and safety during any care or treatment and make sure their staff have the qualifications, competence, skills and experience to keep you safe.”
  • Safeguard from abuse
    Ensuring abuse of any form isn’t present throughout care procedures.
  • Food and Drink
    Enough food and drunk must be supplied to sustain good health.
  • Premises and equipment
    Clean and suitable premises should be ensured, and the use of equipment necessary must be done in a safe and secure manner.
  • Complaints
    There should be a viable method of complaint of care provided.
  • Good Governance
    The provider must have plans to ensure these standards are met
  • Staffing (Fit and proper)
    Suitable, qualified, competent and experienced staff are essential with a strong recruitment procedure to ensure the proper treatment can be applied by these staff members.
  • Duty of candour
    “The provider of care must be open and transparent with clients about care and treatments.”
  • Display of rating
    The provider of care must display their CQC rating in a place where it’s easily visible to those looking for care from that particular provider.

    The CQC rating is set by investigating the following criteria;
    Safety, Effectiveness, Caring, Responsiveness and is it Well-led.

Do they fit your personal care criteria and needs?

Above shows the standard features provided by law when choosing a live-in care provider. They are features that should be provided, regardless of the company or institution you decide to proceed in placing yourself or loved ones. With that being said you need to consider your personal care criteria that goes beyond the ones stated above.

For example, do they provide care for the specific ailment or condition that you or your loved ones are currently experiencing? How experienced are they in that particular field? Questions like these are crucial in the considering process, when comes to choosing the right Live-in care for yourself or your loved ones.

Once you’ve narrowed down the live-in care providers that have expertise in the area of care needed for yourself or your loved ones, the next step is to get even more personal:

  • Do they cater for your specific location?
  • Do you have a preference in the time of day, or week, and are they able to fulfil these preferences?
  • Is their care services within your current budget?

Further questions like these should also be considered in order to make sure you partner up with the right Live-in Care provider for you and your loved ones. As the provider you choose, should potentially lead to a long-term relationship with you depending on the level and length of care needed.

How can Eximius Support help?

Whatever your live-in care needs, Eximius can help. Whether it’s to take you on as clients of ours and provide you with the right care for yourselves or your loved ones, or simply point you in the right direction, we pride ourselves on helping others find the right care they’re looking for.

Contact Eximius today and see how we can help make a difference. Call us on 01494 424222 or 07434 901547, email us at, or fill out the form here, and one of the team will get back to you promptly!

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