Eximius Refined Live-in Care receives Bespoke Live-in Care Provider 2023

12 Jun 2023 | Eximius News

We were delighted to receive an Award of Excellence from E2 Media for Bespoke Live-in Care Provider 2023. Thank you to our amazing team and wonderful clients and friends who made this possible. As an organisation we really are going from strength to strength which means we can serve our community even better. This is testament to your hard work and dedication to care. Thank you!

Eximius Refined Live-in Care receives Bespoke Live-in Care Provider 2023  

Choosing the right homecare provider is a massive decision that a lot of families will have to experience, it can be incredibly difficult making sure you choose one that works for yourself or your loved one. The option you select will determine how the arrangement is administered and could impact the quality of care you receive. Knowing that your loved ones are happy and safe in the hands of the healthcare provider is ultimately one of the most important things we take into consideration. 

Eximius Refined Live-in Care are no ordinary healthcare providers. They have been providing support to the elderly and those with complex needs such as spinal injuries, brain injuries and those recovering from a stroke or a neurological condition across the country for many years, helping support them with any care requirements they may need whilst ensuring that their dignity and comfort are at the forefront of what they do, allowing them to continue doing all the things they enjoy with the support from a Eximius companion. When it comes to complex care, the team at Eximius Refined Live-in Care can provide experienced live-in care to those recovering from life changing injuries or long-term conditions, so they can eventually return safely to their own homes with a continued care plan in place.  

The reputation they have is fully justified and is now beginning to earn them more tangible forms of recognition, that being said we at the South East Star are delighted to announce that Eximius Refined Live-in Care are the latest recipients of one of our Awards of Excellence for Bespoke Live-in Care Provider 2023. The award is well deserved and further cements their status as one of the absolute leaders in their field. With our awards we think it’s important to recognise organisations that are bringing something new and innovative to their marketplace. They don’t necessarily have to be the biggest, but they have to be an organisation that is trying to offer something different to what is already out there and above all they must offer a great product or service. We feel Eximius Refined Live-in Care ticks all the boxes and are worthy winners of our award. 

The award is quite clearly no accident and, in this edition, we try to give you an insight into the success they’ve enjoyed and the services that they provide. There are several factors but first and foremost they are good at what they do with the entire team sharing the same steadfast determination to deliver an outstanding service for their clients. It would be fair to describe them as so much more than a care provider. First and foremost, everybody at Eximius Refined Live-in Care works extremely hard to ensure that all their clients are treated with respect and dignity and are allowed to live as independently as possible whilst at the same time given a level of care that is amongst the very best in the industry. 

They understand that all their clients have different needs, so they start by meeting with you to create a tailored care plan specific to your needs. Every care plan is different, and person centred for each person. Giving individuals the freedom to continue living their lives in their own home with independence, giving them a better quality of life. 

Eximius Refined Live-in Care is committed to finding the best and most cost-effective way of meeting the service users’ needs and aspirations. They will be fully supported to make informed choices about their future which will be incorporated into their personal care plans. They believe that each individual who uses their services has the rights to their social, emotional, spiritual and cultural beliefs and that’s why it’s important to the team that it’s respected and it gives the chance for their clients to be able to achieve their goals at full capacity with the best service in mind. 

At Eximius Refined Live-in Care they believe having a committed team of staff is vital to the success of the business. The staff are all fully trained and equipped to provide exceptional services to their clients.  In addition to this, communication is also a very important element of running an effective care service, with regular updates from the providers, families will feel at ease knowing their loved ones are being cared for the way they deserve, giving them peace of mind.   

The plan for the future for Eximius Refined Live-in Care as their burgeoning reputation continues to grow and the demand for their services increases will be to maintain those same high standards.  They will continue to offer skill care to enable their clients to achieve their optimum state of health and wellbeing and to offer their support while continuing to respect their client’s dignity and wishes at all times. If the past is any sort of barometer of what the future holds, then we think it’s something they achieve with their usual effortless efficiency and that Eximius Refined Live-in Care is a name you’ll be hearing much more of in the years to come.   

For more information, please visit www.eximiussupport.uk