Care Following A Brain Injury

5 Dec 2022 | Brain Injury

If your loved one has experienced a brain injury, you may be wondering what the future holds for them. The level of help and treatment someone receives for a brain injury will depend on the severity of their injury and how long it is expected to take for them to recover.

The most severe cases can require more intensive care, but even people who have mild injuries may need some form of assistance in order to regain function or relearn tasks that were lost as a result of their accident. Here we will discuss everything from what type of care they need while they’re in the hospital to the level of support they’ll need after leaving hospital.

Residential care

Inpatient rehabilitation in a hospital may be needed for people with more significant brain injury or if surgeries are needed. Inpatient care provides continuous support with personal care and medications, as well as daily focused rehabilitation. The goal of inpatient care is to help the patient progress so they can go home and continue rehabilitation at home.

A person has access to 24/7 medical care at all times through onsite doctors who regularly monitor their condition.

Intermediate care.

For those who can live independently but still need supervision in order to avoid accidents from falling over or getting lost in their house alone, intermediate care would be appropriate for them. Intermediate care is a type of residential care that provides more intensive support than usual. As mentioned above, the aim is to help someone recover enough to return home and live as independently as possible.

Care at home

Some people with milder injuries may recover quickly enough that they can return home without needing any additional help from health professionals. However, if this isn’t possible, then home care is a great option. This can be in the form of having carers visiting daily or live-in care which is having a carer move into the home. You can find out more about what live-in care is here.


Even with the best rehabilitation, family support, and peer or community support, survivors of brain injury will face many challenges.

Eximius provides exceptional support for people suffering from brain injury. If you or a loved one would like to understand more about how we do this or about any of the different care options we can provide, please contact us for further information. We’d love to help.   

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