Can I be cared for at home?

22 Sep 2022 | Live-in Care, Uncategorised

Following a neurological injury there are so many changes to assimilate and handle. Often those affected, including family members, are overwhelmed by the changes and choices they must make.  Most people want to return to their own homes as soon as possible, or at least plan for a return after intensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Eximius Live-in Support was founded in 2016 by Kate Hetzel, who was also looking for care, as her own mother’s health had taken a decline. Kate has been in the care industry for over 20 years and had previously run a successful care franchise but was inspired by her mother to set up a bespoke live-in care company, and thus Eximius Live-in care was founded. Kate’s mother has been cared for at home for over 5 years, with the same carer for the majority of the time. This has enabled her mother to remain at home even though she is now bedridden and unable to feed or wash herself. This was always her mother’s wish, and Kate is proud of the fact they have been able to fulfil this.

Eximius – which means “exceptional” – provides a specifically tailored service so people living with varying health conditions, can live independently in their own homes. Through appropriate training of staff and collaboration with community health professionals, people who may have experienced a stroke, spinal cord injury or brain injury among other neurological conditions, can often return to their own homes with appropriate care and support in place. 

Eximius focus on Live-in care, where the carers live with their clients for anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Eximius’s team members have extensive knowledge in assisting and supporting people with all Neurological disabilities such as Dementia, Epilepsy, Neuromuscular disorders, Brain tumours, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy. The Eximius team believe that live-in care provides a huge benefit when living with a neurological condition as it ensures consistency and allows clients and carers to form a trusting relationship, with a structured, comfortable routine, that is managed daily at home. 

Eximius’s Recruitment department carefully selects carers with a high level of experience and qualifications to match the quality and standards our clients expect. This ensures they have the relevant skills to meet the company and the clients’ expectations. Eximius also has an in-house Training Manager, who delivers bespoke training to meet our clients’ specific needs.  Eximius also uses an external provider who was a nurse at Stoke Mandeville and set up her own training company. 

Eximius’s carers help to keep their clients stimulated by playing the client’s favourite games, attending weekly activities, or accompanying them to meet their friends for a cup of tea and a bite to eat. With the support of an Eximius carer, clients don’t have to be confined to their home or miss out on social interactions with the outside world or their loved ones. 

Eximius supervisors help to liaise with relatives and other health care professionals to ensure the carers are supporting any rehabilitation programmes that are offered to their clients, as well as sourcing equipment and helping with physical or occupational therapy. When joining Eximius, a client is assigned a supervisor who makes sure the care runs smoothly and is adjusted as things change. 

Kate quotes “Many injuries have life changing consequences. Together with the physical issues, there’s the hidden impact on mental health for both the person being cared for and for their families. At Eximius, we have many trained carers who understand the impact of injuries and conditions, such as Bowel management, skin care and Autonomic dysreflexia.  These issues can have a huge effect on a clients physical and mental wellbeing. We also understand the clients’ need for dignity and privacy and for people to be able to continue their lives with their families and friends, with limited disruption”.

“Throughout my career, I have observed our clients and carers and I have noticed that clients are so much happier in their own homes, surrounded by their own comforts with easy access to their friends and family. Our carers have relieved them of any anxiety they might have felt and have restored their peace of mind, knowing that they are always in safe and nurturing hands. “

Eximius is rated “Outstanding” from the Care Quality Commission, a rating only approximately 5% of providers achieve.

In 2021, Eximius was also proud to become trusted partners with the Spinal Injury Association (SIA) and has continued to work closely with them to provide exceptional support to people living with a spinal injury.

Eximius’s skilled and dedicated team are always working to great lengths around the clock to ensure the whole process runs smoothly for their clients and carers and makes sure that every vital detail is managed appropriately and sensitively from the very beginning of all enquiries to being ‘the hand that holds’ for the everyday support. Eximius strives to achieve maximum results and always go that ‘extra mile’ so you or your loved ones can feel happy, secure, and live life, to the full. 

Live in care offers a safe, cost-effective alternative to residential care or nursing homes, so click the QR code to find out more, or call us on 01494 424222.