9 Reasons Why Choosing a Career in Care Can Change Your Life

20 Feb 2023 | Working With Eximius

Choosing a career in care can be one of the most rewarding decisions you can make. It offers job satisfaction that no other job can match. Imagine making a real difference in someone’s life by helping them with everyday tasks that they may not be able to do on their own. 

Whether you’re looking for a flexible career, an opportunity to meet new people, or a chance to develop your skills and experience, there are many reasons to choose a career in care. In this article, we will explore nine reasons why becoming a carer or companion might be the perfect choice for you.

  1. Flexible working

One of the benefits of choosing a career in care is its flexibility. Care work requires staffing 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can find hours that suit your lifestyle and personal commitments.

  1. Every day is different

No two days will be the same, as each day presents new challenges and experiences to embrace. You’ll embark on exciting adventures and engage in meaningful conversations with the individuals under your care. The constant novelty of the job ensures that you never get bored and that every day holds the potential for growth and learning.

  1. Meeting new people

Whether you are a confident or shy person, you will get to meet new people, have conversations with them, and learn about their life experiences and different cultures and generations of life. Taking a coffee break from your office job might seem a real treat, but imagine that coffee just being sat with another person who might not see anyone else that day.

  1. Experience/Training

You don’t need any qualifications, skills or experience to start your career in care. Eximius provides comprehensive training for your role, and you will learn new skills and knowledge every day, whether working alone or as part of a team.

  1. Community

By becoming a carer, you become more connected to your local community and gain a deeper understanding of the available support services in the area. This can be a valuable resource for yourself and the people you care for, as you can help connect them with local organisations and services that enhance their quality of life.

  1. Rewarding

Being a carer is a truly rewarding career that provides a sense of job satisfaction that no other job can. In addition, you will support individuals who need you, helping them to live their everyday lives and bringing a smile to their faces.

  1. Values

When pursuing a career in care, you can choose a company that aligns with your values. At Eximius, we firmly commit to providing exceptional care and fostering meaningful connections with our clients.

  1. Be treated as a person

At Eximius, we understand the importance of treating our carers and companions as individuals, not just numbers. We value each team member and offer premium terms and conditions to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to delivering exceptional care to our clients.

  1. Benefits

A career in care brings numerous benefits, such as job satisfaction, flexibility, continuous learning, and global work opportunities. You can also join care discount companies such as The Blue Light card, which offers discounts to those working in care for everyday items, experiences and luxuries! At Eximius, we take care of our staff. We offer attractive wages, a reliable bonus scheme, travel expenses, a generous holiday package, and a smartphone to ensure that our carers and companions can provide the best possible care to our clients.

If you are looking for a rewarding, flexible career that makes a real difference in people’s lives, then a career in care may be the right choice for you. Join our team at Eximius and become part of something truly special. We offer extensive training opportunities, career development, and a supportive environment where you can thrive as a live-in carer or companion. Visit our website to see our current job openings and start your journey to a fulfilling career in care today.