Complete Live-in Support

Complete Live-in Support – Right there, when you need us

At Eximius, we understand that for some people staying in their own home is essential. We appreciate that you want to keep pets, eat meals at certain times, entertain friends and family and basically for as little as possible to change. Which is why we offer bespoke live-in care services.

We want to help you achieve that goal whatever your circumstances. Our support companions will be there when you need them and discreetly remove themselves when you don’t – whatever your needs. Therefore, We aim to ensure you’re provided with live-in care support, customised to your specific needs.

“My mother’s lifestyle has improved 100%.  She is safe, well cared for, well fed, always has much-needed company and goes out daily.  It has been an absolute pleasure to watch their relationship develop.”

N.K. July 2016